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Saturday, 22 February 2020 14:54
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i guess i'll color this sometimeish

new tag: v? what does v? stand for???? guess what

cwc draws

Tuesday, 30 December 2014 01:47
chris inheirited cwcville from his father robert franklin chandler, and has since always been the mayor. there are no elections. also, his right eye is brow- green. GREEN!!

i drew this for another cwckiforumer for the secret santa. i'd have made him more heavy metal, but i kinda suck, so yeah.

gotta get more serious

i got my wish of more spare time so i'm trying to remember details about a project i'm working on

i want to make a stereotypical cheerleader ditzy blonde chick for it

actually this is the first thing i drew yesterday

doodlin' and some new characters

cars are drawn from photos, the women are from memory. screwed up on the fat one's arms

certainly not drawn yesterday

i think my life drawings have been much more accurate, if undetailed

as you can see i've also rekindled my love of rollerball pens since i found one at work

bit older. so you know the stereotypical androids/gynoids, robots that don't /need/ to be humans in metal suits apart from being actors on stage or screen. WELL. ages ago i thought about "seriously there's no need for robots to be that human in art or text", then i got to thinking "well, what if someone captured people and brainwashed them into thinking they're robots" and more recently i've been toying with the concepts of trans-whatever-kin and for another project that'll never get done i might have like a society of people who do their best to be like their robotic souls. and of course i like to make couples that don't quite fit, so robo-kin/cowgirl.

yeah that's it from my work notebook for now.
personal idea as to what the protagonist of five nights at freddy's 2 might look like. plus combat flashlight. when i was a really little kid, my dad had this serious HUGE-ass black flashlight that you could totally kill people with, and it had a textured grip area, and it was really heavy and solid metal. totally a combat flashlight. which would really come in useful when you find yourself being assaulted by renegade animatronics.

i wasn't around when we had a chuck e cheese in my hometown, but it became a chinese diner. people called it "chuck e chin's", and it still had the chuck e cheese carpeting and allegedly a REALLY creepy room full of chuck e cheese stuff, but i never saw it.

i was disappointed to learn that this hot new game was not like silent hill, but rather like night trap. well, that's what imaginations and paper are here for.

the problem isn't with my scanner, it's with this shitty ass fucking horrible software.

life draws from yesterday

windows 8.1 is such a shitlord, oppressing my scanner like this.


drawn after work to kill time. really haven't been doing much drawing.

back to work

Monday, 20 October 2014 11:15

working on another non-organic character

idk what the deal with the scanner is

i'm gonna pick up that mary sue wolfaboo parody comic thing again

i'm starting to get better at vehicles. i want to come up with some xtremly scray vehicular monsters. also i had these totally rad toys as a kid, they were things like monster trucks and fighter jets WITH BIG GAPING TEETH maybe that's the insipration behind these monsters. cool. man those toys were rad.

since i've resurfaced and am rebuilding connections, people have high expectations of me. "wolves have interesting lives" is my dumb baby project ("wonderful world of stanton" is my precious baby) so i'll just be working on those. especially the wolf one so i can work on it during those comic making jams.


Friday, 17 October 2014 09:11
overdue for a drawing dump. really, while i have been moving pencil around on paper, there's been nothing good and it's all been just practice.

bigger filesize )

i've been trying to write more, but not a whole lot of progress yet.

a thought

Friday, 26 September 2014 20:38

i disagree with this for the most part. yeah the "happy tree friends" stuff is old hat by now, as is the "kimba the white lion" stuff - being edgy or trying to be dramatic with cute toons. but i like contrasts and surprises. i like incongruity. i like being reminded over and over why you should never trust your assumptions. of course, htf is always edgy, and kimba (which i barely recall a thing about) didn't work out so well in any area, imo. disney had its formula that defined it, of course.

calvin and hobbes is the shining, definitive example of this done right. bloom county/the outlands is another good example of what to do.

on this note, bomberman jetters is a REALLY good animu that you should watch. i've wanted to see something awesome made out of something dumb for ages, and i saw it alright. it's...really something. don't get spoilered, just go find it on youtube. at least watch the first two seasons. of course, the art style itself kinda hints at...stuff. but no spoilers. i kinda wish they didn't go with the weird art style (apart from the interestingly creepy eyes). well, this was a bit of a tangent. kinda.

but that was an example of the art style telling you what's coming. like grainy filtering and green-gray color tells you something spooktacular's going to go down, or a yellow/sepia scheme tells you artsy fartsy, the medium and how you use it can be a spoiler. i like surprises, and i like it when the style doesn't spoil. that was a weird sentence.

...even though it's *my* blaag, i feel kinda like i shouldn't go "ME ME ME ME ME" but whatever, i've been working on something and i will continue to work on it for ages to come. i hope i can actually polish and publish SOMETHING for once in my life. but it won't be anytime soon. its working title is "the wonderful world of stanton" and i'll just throw in whatever the hell i feel like throwing in, but i will try to make everything unified. tie everything together. as for worldbuilding, i'm not going to worry over that, i'm going to be more focused on concept execution and gud dawrings and gud ritting, and the world will build itself.

bsesides, if it ever gets published, the smarter fanspergs can do all the work in making it seem intelligent. because boy is it going to have a load of stupid crap thrown in, haha.

so uh what was my point - yeah i like incongruity. my art style's all over the place, from realistic to toony and i have major issues with consistency and proportions. i can't even decide how i'll draw things in the final - whenever that will be. right now i'm thinking, concept art and designs roughed out realistically, and the final will look toony and be polished to look all disney and shit. like 70's xerox disney. so maybe not so much polish, then. idk. i'll cross that bridge when i get to it.

polish is overrated, structure is what truly matters. who cares how shiny a building is if it collapses when a bug lands on it.

and its title is the *wonderful* world of stanton, not "the horrible world of stanton", and mostly it'll look like a cool utopia to have adventures in, but there's still the looming dark reminder that 200 years ago a mysterious cataclysmic event happened and no one has any clue as to what it was. ruins of the previous civilizationa and stuff, scattered everywhere.

i'll quit blah-ing for now and go work on draws, because all of this means nothing if i can't draw it well.

i'm never gonna get to finish anything. hello 13 hour work days. goodbye drawing time.

(no subject)

Saturday, 20 September 2014 08:29
two little things from yesterday

got some drawings in since i got let out early!!

i owe someone art. thanks for your patience :B i'll make a finished thing soon.

gonna redesign my sona. apparently despite my love of lolling at lolcows, i'm really super straight-laced, serious, and no fun irl. oh well. life is full of contrasts.

drew this while sitting around outside getting harassed by wasps.

i forgot the specific details of what honey boo boo looks like, other than her smile is creepy as hell and she and a certain golden knight would be one true pair.

more personal crap. heard there's this robocat comic thing some peeps are doing. I HAVE A ROBOCAT CHARACTER!!1 he's one of my oldest characters actually. 8 years. his master i've had for 9 years.

work draws

Saturday, 13 September 2014 21:45

stuff from my work notebook

new character


Friday, 12 September 2014 22:12
busy today, work tomorrow and the day after that, and next week might be interesting. got some concept art (read: characters floating in whitespace and really shitty architecture), new characters and aged characters. was breaking in some new markers. i didn't tinker with them yet, so they're oversaturated and not working super duper great.

guy with the olive clothes was a super fast life draw, not going for realism. the boats are from some time ago. guy on lower right is a new character.

attempts at memory drawing on left, new character on right.

the kids are new characters. i'll probably do little warm up life sketches of trucks or whatever in the blank space.

donut steel

Tuesday, 2 September 2014 20:56
okay, so i got some drawz in while waiting around on my SUCCESSFUL!!!1 job hunt

i've decided to be more open about what i'm working on, because why not. well, the shame of knowing i'm not going anywhere too fast, but that's besides the point.

these are concept arts (read: characters dicking off) of my special snowflake project. they're not really in order, apart from order of scanning.

8 images )

okay i got more things to do. which includes more drawing.

(no subject)

Thursday, 28 August 2014 03:35
i've been getting back into drawing and coming out of another downer i guess (they always catch me), and back to working on personal projects that will go nowhere. as opposed to fan projects that will go nowhere.

i'm really not good at drawing fish and birds and stuff, but i've been working on designing a robo-shark character with turbines.

and i was struggling with designing a frustratingly hard robo-lion that's supposed to be simple to draw and...i don't know. and because i like to be distracted, some animoo characters crawled out from the screen and onto my paper.

i'm downloading more animoos, but i'll be breaking it up now and then with sensible good ol' amurrican toons.

i should use this thing more often.

what title

Wednesday, 23 July 2014 20:37
because i really don't mean to ditch projects, i've returned to scribbling stuff out for projects in development hell (read: all of them)

drawn yesterday while waiting around. my hands still aren't working well.

so WHIL stands for "wolves have interesting lives" because this was going to be a satire of sparklewolves and mary sue girls, but now it has less to do with sparklewolves (actually floodfill wolves) and more to do with our heroines becky and now her friend catlyn the catgirl. wolves might appear here and there, but i'll think of something.



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